United States Senate

United States Senators are tasked with 

*Asterisk Notes an incumbent.



*Senator Martin Heinrich (D)

Senator Martin Heinrich began his career as a mechanical engineer at Kirkland Air Force Base, then AmeriCorps fellow, and from 1996 to 2001 he served as the Executive Director of the Cottonwood Gulch Foundation, in 2002 he founded his own consulting firm, in 2003  he served as a City Council for the city of Albuquerque. In 2008 Senator Heinrich became a representative for New Mexico's 1st Congressional District. Senator Heinrich served two terms as a Congressional Representative, and in 2013 began his tenure as a United States Senator, where he has served since. Senator Heinrich was raised in Missouri, where he attended college, and attained his Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering, he has also attendedthe University of New Mexico. Senator Heinrich has supported the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Much of Senator Heinrich's career has been dedicated to the preservation of public lands, and the environment.


Mick Rich (R)

  Mick Rich has never held public office before, but he has worked as a contractor in New Mexico for nearly 40 years, and in 1988 he opened his very own contracting company, that has been responsible for many structures all around New Mexico. Mick believes in a free market, small government, tighter borders, guns as an absolute right,  hardworking taxpayers, and creating jobs in Carbon based energy. Mick Rich received a Degree from Oregon University.  

Aubrey Dunn.jpg

Aubrey Dunn Sr. (LIB)

Commissioner Aubrey Dunn has been the New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands since 2015. In 2012 Aubrey ran for New Mexico Senate District 39. Aubrey began his career as a crop inspector for Production Credit Association and a CEO and President of First Federal Bank in Roswell, New Mexico before he became a rancher. Aubrey graduated high school at Alamogordo High School, and attained his bachelor's in agricultural and animal sciences, from Colorado State University