New Mexico Secretary of State

The secretary of state is charged with updating the voter rolls, eliminating, and  identifying voter fraud, and ensuring that anyone who has the right to vote, has the opportunity to vote.

*Asterisk notes an incumbent


*Maggie Toulouse-Oliver (D)

Maggie Toulouse Oliver has served as New Mexico Secretary of State from 2016-to-2018. Before her service as Secretary of State, in 2007 Maggie was appointed Bernalillo County Clerk, in 2008 she was elected to the office of County Clerk, and served there until being elected New Mexico Secretary of State.   Maggie is a lifelong resident of New Mexico, and has a Bachelor's and Masters Degree from the University of New Mexico in political science. As Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver has worked to establish online Voter Registration, and established the Native American Voting Task Force, that is designed to assist, with the boosting and monitoring of Voter Registration among Natives living in New Mexico. Maggie Toulouse Oliver has championed efficiency and transparency as Secretary of State, in February of 2017, she posted Financial Disclosure statements online for all public officials, and has drafted new outlines for Campaign Finance rules updating reporting requirement for political committees, and elected officials. 


JoHanna Cox (R)

Johanna Cox is a New Mexico attorney. JoHanna is from Colorado, graduating with honors from the College of business, and went on to complete law school at the University of North Dakota, where she ran a small business clinic, until moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and served as an Assistant District Attorney in Valencia County. Ms JoHanna, served as Deputy District Attorney for First Judicial District in New Mexico. founded, and directed the Public Integrity Unit. Which prosecuted the Jemez Mountain School District for embezzlement, and racketeering, and other perpetrators of fraud in her district. 


Sandra Jeff (Libertarian)


andra Jeff is a former representative from New Mexico District 5, and served as a representative from 2009-2015. at which point she ran for School board, which she held until 2017. 

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