Attorney General

The Attorney General is the head law officer for the state charged with protecting State Officers, and prosecuting crime at the State Level

*Asterisk notes an incumbent

*Hector Balderas (D)


Hector Balderas is a lifelong resident of New Mexico, having grown up in a very small town called Wagon Mound. Calderas graduated from New Mexico Highlands University, and continued onward to attain his law degree from the University of New Mexico. Fresh out of law school rather than join a private firm, Balderas moved directly into public service, moving back home to Wagon Mound, and running for New Mexico House of Representatives in 2003. Hector served in the House of Representatives from 2004 to 2006, when he decided to run for New Mexico State Auditor. He would go on to win the seat, and serve the maximum term limit of  8 years, finding and prosecuting multiple egregious cases of fraud. After his tenure as Auditor, he would run for Attorney General, and in 2015, would become New Mexico's Attorney General. 

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