Lieutenant Governor

The lieutenant Governor is the second lead executive in the state, and is charged with upholding the office of the Governor should the governor be unable to carry out their duties. The Lieutenant Governor also is allowed to cast the tie breaking vote


Billy Garrett (D)

Billy Garrett was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Billy attended college at Arizona State University where he attained his Bachelor's degree in Architecture, and later returned for his Master's degree in anthropology. Billy dedicated much of his life in Arizona to public service, working with the City of Phoenix Planning Department, Arizona State Parks, and the National Parks Service, in addition to private consulting. Then in 2009 he decided it was time to move home with a new deepened appreciation for nature in New Mexico, and retired to his family home outside Mesilla. However that retirement was short lived, when friends and family urged him to run in 2010 for Dona Ana County Board of Commissioners 1st District. Which Garrett won, and has since served 2 terms as Commissioner. Garrett's platform include eliminating empty coffer trickle down, early childhood education, small business to combat big corporations, affordable health care, and improved infrastructure for better cooperation between our urban and rural areas. 

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Howie Morales (D)

State Senator Howie Morales is a longtime resident of New Mexico, and spent his entire college career right here in New Mexico. He earned both his bachelor's and masters degree in bilingual special education at Western New Mexico University, and went on to attain his doctorate from New Mexico State University. After receiving his doctorate, he began teaching at the university level, and continued to teach there. From 2005 to 2008 he served as clerk for Grants County. In 2008 he was appointed by Gov. Bill Richardson to New Mexico State Senate District 28, on recommendation of the former seat holder. Later that year, Senator Morales would go on to run in and win the election, and has held the seat since. Senator Morales is a strong supporter of a stronger, more prosperous educational system, including a stronger Lottery Scholarship, and early childhood education. Senator Morales also supports a more equitable health system, that can fairly provide for even those who most need help. He has been an advocate of a cleaner environment, through new clean energy industry, better behavioral health care, and progressive protections for the rights of all American citizens. 


Rick S. Miera

 For 40 years in New Mexico Rick S. Miera has worked as a therapist, drug counselor, and health advocate for young people all over New Mexico. A lifelong resident of New Mexico Rick graduated from Albuquerque High School, and attained his Bachelors degree from the University of Albuquerque in Urban Development, and Business Administration. Rick's work as a counselor, and health advocate led him to a career in the New Mexico House of Representatives, and Rick Miera served for 24 years as a Representative from New Mexico's House of Representatives District 11.  Rick has a platform built on education, starting at early childhood, adding more practical education to high school education so we have a more prepared workforce. Rick also prioritized jobs, economy, and stronger bonds between in state communities. Rick is a big proponent of systemic solving of our crime issues through addressing, mental health, and addiction. 


Michelle Garcia Holmes (R)

Michelle Garcia Holmes is a born and raised Albuquerque native. For 20 years she served as a policewoman, for the City of Albuquerque Police Department, and is a retired Crimes Against Children Detective. She also served for 8 years as Chief of Staff for the New Mexico Attorney General's Office. Garcia Holmes has a bachelor's degree in occupational education from the Wayland Baptist University. Michelle Garcia Holmes has a major focus on addressing crime in New Mexico.