At NAVA, Voter Education is the first step to ensuring that all Native peoples are good advocates for themselves. Without voters who are active, informed and empowered, Native people will never be able to prosper. Voting is essential to what it means to be an advocate, for yourself, and people around you. At NAVA our job is to ensure that Native Voters have all the information to make a decision that is in the best interest of themselves, their families, and their communities. 



       NAVA understands the complications, and ramifications of wide overarching decisions on energy and the unique impact that it has on Native peoples and our economies. Native people have repeatedly been exploited, and stripped of their resources without proper compensation. As Native people we have a responsibility to protect the Earth, and defend it's resources. Still at NAVA we recognize that we are no longer able to standby on the sidelines, and we must be able to compete, and we have to find continue to find new and innovative way to not only compete economically, but to be a leader in renewability, and sustainability. 



     As Native people in the United States we have an obligation to protect the Earth and all its resources, whether they be of economic, cultural or historical significance. We must protect the natural beauty and cultural value of our sacred sites, as when they're gone, they're gone for good. We have an obligation to preserve them for our children, our communities, and future generations. 



      Payday Lending is one of the few remaining relics that is specific to states with high populations of impoverished people, and many payday lenders build their businesses on predatory practices that take advantage of people who are most vulnerable. We understand that some lending may be important to people who find themselves in a bind, but payday lending doesn't end with the end of predatory lending. NAVA believes that a cap of 36% APR has been shown to work in 20 other states and the District of Colombia, as well as for the military. A 36% cap is a tried and true, common sense regulation that will protect New Mexico's most vulnerable people. 

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